What we do

NITOR Lighting is a company privately owned and operated in Vancouver BC Canada. Our sole purpose as a company is to offer LED lighting solutions to Canada and the rest of the world. We believe that LED is the future of lighting, with all existing CFL and Incandescent products being outdated, inefficient, and bad for the environment. Offering LED lighting solutions that save our customers money and decrease the carbon footprint on our planet, is an excellent way to promote our products. We offer a wide range of products that cover residential, commercial, and industrial applications, from small scale household products to large warehouse lighting fixtures, we carry products that cater to our customers needs.


Innovation and market research is a large part of our success and our team of engineers are constantly designing, troubleshooting, and testing new innovative products to stay on top of the fast changing technological market of LED lighting. We only stock and sell top quality, fully certified products to our customers and take pride on our originally designed product line. As we continue to grow as a company we are adding new and competitive products to our inventory that we are excited to release to the public. We are moving forward by retrofitting one bulb at a time, and staying on top of the LED Lighting industry with “Growth Through Innovation”.

For job opportunities or questions about our staff please contact us info@nitorlighting.com