Please be sure to read and fully understand the sale terms outlined here for NITOR Lighting. They will fully outline your responsibilities and your rights as the purchaser. Please observe the limitations and exclusions as they apply to you. Once you have placed your order, this will also confirm that you have read, understood and accept these entire terms and conditions as written here, and agree to be bound by them. NITOR Lighting reserves the right to modify, add,or delete any of the content within these terms of sale without prior written notice at any time.

1) Products:

At any time without notice NITOR Lighting reserves the option to discontinue any product at its sole discretion. Shipping, handling, tariffs if applicable,and sales taxes if applicable are NOT reflected in the product prices as shown on the site. These extra costs will be added to your purchase price at checkout.

2) Payment

Once your order has been placed and accepted, your method of payment will be charged. Currently we are offering payment methods through, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, direct deposit and wire transfer.

3) Orders

Any orders placed with NITOR Lighting will not be binding until the Company accepts the order. The company will maintain the right to limit the quantities of any item, and/or customer order refusal will be implemented without notifying the customer prior to this action. We reserve the right to implement verification of information if we deem this is necessary prior to our accepting the order.

4) Shipping

NITOR Lighting makes every effort to ship those orders that have an In Stock status within 1-2 business days. For orders that are deemed as backorders, they will be shipped based on the manufacturer’s timeline.Please refer to shipping terms for further information.

5) Incorrect and Damaged Shipments:

At our sole discretion, NITOR Lighting will either replace or issue a refund that pertains to damaged goods or items that were shipped in error. The Company will also assume any applicable shipping costs that pertain to the return of the damaged goods or those shipped in error. Claims for items that are damaged or shipped in error must be made within 14 days of the items being delivered and a note beside your signature made at time of delivery indicating the damage or error is required.

6)International Shipments:

International Shipments are accepted here at NITOR Lighting. The local duty and taxes are the responsibility of the customer. Please refer to shipping terms.

7) Sales Tax and VAT.

The responsibility for applicable taxes will lie with you as the purchaser as they apply to your Province/State or local sales including use taxes or VAT. Your invoice will indicate the sales tax that has been calculated on your purchase total, and may also include the applicable shipping and handling costs. For customers placing orders from Europe, NITOR Lighting must comply with the collection of VAT tax as deemed by law.The sales tax is calculated based on the invoice price and may include shipping prices if stated by law.

8) Return Policy

NITOR Lighting is proud of its product line and will not hesitate to issue a refund, replace the product, or submit a customer credit if you, as the purchaser, are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, provided you have notified us within 30 days of receiving your order. NITOR Lighting reserves the right to charge you, the purchaser, a restocking fee when products are returned. If refunds are to be made this will be done through your original payment method. Returns to NITOR Lighting must be made in their original packaging and the customer is expected to assume the return freight charges that are applicable. Any order that amounts to over $500 is not included in this return policy. For further details concerning this, please go to our return policy on site.

9) Price Errors

NITOR Lighting makes every effort to ensure that all site content is error free. If a product price error should occur our site system will make an immediate correction. Should you have placed an order that contains products that were priced in error we will notify you immediately.

10) Warranty:

Our complete warranty terms can be found in our warranty section.

11) Limitation of Liability.

Within the confines of the law NITOR Lighting will not be held liable for any damages that are incidental, deemed exemplary or are consequential. NITOR Lighting will not be held liable for any related loss or anticipated revenues or profits from the applicable claim included in these terms of sale, the NITOR Lighting website, its catalogs, or any products or orders, regardless of whether the claim is based on any warranty, contract or tort. This includes strict liability or negligence or any other circumstance. At no time will any collective liability pertaining to
NITOR Lighting exceed the amount paid for the applicable order or product that has become the source of the liability. All of these limitations are applicable not withstanding any failure of essential purpose of any remedy. The only time the above exclusion is not applicable is for those where the Province/State and/or jurisdiction prohibit the exclusion and/or limitation of consequential damages or incidental damages.

12) Sever Ability:

Please be aware that if these listed Terms of Sale are deemed to be illegal, or are not enforceable or are in conflict of the laws pertaining to a competent court jurisdiction including a arbitral tribunal, the applicable provision with be deemed as severed from the listed Terms of Sale. The remainder of said terms will retain their validity and will not be affected by this.

13) Waivers and Amendments

In relation to the provisions outlined in these Terms of sale, any waiver by either party pertaining to any of its provisions applicable to any occasion in any specific circumstance will not operate as waiver in respect to any other occasion or circumstance in respect to the Terms of Sale. In order for any of the NITOR Lighting Terms of Sale to be waived or amended it demands such to be put in writing by the applicable Parties.